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2:1 Mentorship

You will be paired with a professional senior based on your needs, not your age or what year you’re in! Plus, you get to switch mentors in the 2nd term.


All our mentees will join exclusive workshops/socials to facilitate a tight community. There will also be guest mentors featuring our professionals, external speakers and coaches!

Supportive Community

You’ll have full access to our community of tech enthusiasts, mentors who want to help you grow professionally and personally, as well as facilitators to help you maintain and grow your mentor relationship


Jerry Jim

VP of Information Technology @ Central 1 Credit Union

More about Jerry

About Jerry

I have been in the Tri-mentorship program (as a mentor) since the start about 7 or 8 years ago.   My goal is to be able to help students entering the workforce some insights on my journey and establish long term professional relationships with those interested.  My background has always working in a Financial services organization in IT leadership with the bulk of my time at HSBC and currently at Central 1 Credit Union

Ash Esmaeili

Co-Founder & CEO @ Aimsio

More about Ash

About Ash

Hello and welcome to the Tri-Mentorship Program! I'm thrilled to be a part of this mentorship group. As the co-founder and CEO of Aimsio, a B2B SaaS platform serving the heavy industrial sector, I bring over a decade of experience in startups, finance, sales, and marketing. My educational journey includes a master's in computer science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Shiner Yang

Senior Data Scientist @ Mastercard

More about Shiner

About Shiner

Hi!  I am a Senior Data Scientist at Mastercard and this is my 3rd year with the Tri-Mentorship program! I have been with Mastercard for ~3 years. Before then I worked in various industries such as real estate, healthcare, and provincial + federal regulatory bodies. During my undergrad, I studied Statistics & Economics with a minor concentration in commerce and have completed various co-op placements.

Allen Funston

Principal Consultant @ Sentient Future Consulting Inc.

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About Allen

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Phillip Cawdery

Senior Manager @ Wipro

More about Philip

About Philip

I'm excited to be again be part of the tri-mentorship program. I enjoy being a professional mentor helping business and technology students with their career journeys. Since completing an MBA, I have primarily worked in management consulting with a focus in automation and process transformation. I've worked at HSBC, KPMG, Coast Capital Savings, Celonis and now currently at Wipro.

Derek Ng

Software Engineer @ Tableau

More about Derek

About Derek

Hi mentees! As a mentor I'm hoping to share my success and failures in my career/life with you. My background is in software development including iOS apps and cloud services. Outside of work, I enjoy mountain biking and learning about different kinds of investment. I look forward to learning with you and bringing a beginner's mindset to our mentorship program.

Ansel Hartanto

Backend Software Engineer @ Procurify

More about Ansel

About Ansel

My name is Ansel and I am currently a Backend Software Engineer at Procurify, a growth scale-up company in expense management. I have 2 years of industry experience after graduating BUCS in 2021 and currently working remotely from Toronto. Looking forward to connecting with mentees and folks alike who are passionate about a software engineering career in small to mid sized companies.

Rahul Rao

Chairman @ CloudAdvisors

More about Rahul

About Rahul

Hello! My name is Rahul Rao, and I'm excited to be a mentor again in the Tri-Mentorship Program. As an entrepreneur, I hope my experience provides valuable lessons to students interested in entrepreneurship. I graduated UBC with a double major in Marketing/Logistics but today, my company and profile are related to Business Technology Management. I enjoy gaming, watching sports, playing golf, music, travel, and connecting with great people.

Armando Elias

Partner @ IBM

More about Armando

About Armando

As a Partner at IBM Consulting, I lead the SAP Practice for Western Canada, where I help our customers achieve their digital transformation goals with SAP solutions and services. I have over 20 years of international experience in the software industry, spanning sales, pre-sales, consulting, and project management roles. My core competencies include enterprise software, sales process, sales engineering, and leadership.

Hari Mahadevan

Director of Supply Operations @ Toptal

More about Hari

About Hari

Hey, I'm super happy to join the Tri-Mentorship program again for 2023/24 and can't wait to meet everyone in the program. An MBA Graduate from UBC Vancouver with Strategy, Finance and Operations experience in the entertainment industry and with B2B Enterprise Technology. I've had some incredible mentors that have played a crucial role in my life, and I look forward to being able to pay some small portion of that forward to the mentees I meet.

Lucas Lemanowicz

Founding Engineer @ Levro

More about Lucas

About Lucas

I'm excited to be returning to the program for another year as a remote mentor. I am currently a founding software engineer at an early stage fintech startup called Levro where I've been focused on front end development. Prior to that I spent close to 10 years at Palantir. I enjoy the intersection entrepreneurship and engineering. I'm most helpful to students who are interested in more technical jobs, or those who are moving abroad.

Emily Chee

Director @ Crowe Mackay LLP

More about Emily

About Emily

Previously, Senior Manager with KPMG's Risk Consulting practice specializing in IT Risk, Data Analytics, Fraud Investigations, and IT Audits. I'm happy to chat with mentees about career goals, life goals, or any other topics they would like. My hobbies are baking and reading.

Zane King

Technical Product Manager @ Lightspeed Commerce

More about Zane

About Zane

Hello Mentees! I’m a Sauder Alumni and previous BizTech President with 10 years of technology experience across service (Deloitte/Accenture) and product (Lightspeed) roles. People at work describe me as a customer-centric passionate communicator who believes in product-led growth. I’m the sort of person who tells it straight and can’t wait to help guide some future professionals through their technology-led careers.

Mimi Yufan You

Data Science @ Niantic

More about Mimi

About Mimi

Hello and welcome to the Tri-Mentorship Program! I'm thrilled to be your mentor on this exciting journey. As a seasoned professional with 10 years of experience in the retail and video game industry, I'm here to offer my guidance and support. My educational journey has been quite fulfilling, having earned a BComm from UBC. I'm looking forward to sharing our journey together, helping you navigate life's challenges, and providing guidance along the way.

Michael Silverwood

Founder/CEO @ Pixile Studios

More about Michael

About Michael

Hello! I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and product design, and excited to share my experiences working in venture capital and starting up my own game studio with mentees. I graduated from Sauder in 2013 in the Combined Major Business and Computer Science program, and have participated in the Tri-Mentorship Program as both a mentee and a mentor.