• The top prizes at Blueprint will be awarded through a random prize draw, but is directly influenced by how many points you gain throughout the conference. There are a ton of prizes this year, such as the iPad Air and the Nintendo Switch! All you need to know is more points = more entries = higher chance of winning!

  • There are many ways to gain points, mostly throughout the days of the conference. However, there may be some ways for you to gain points right now! Please refer to "how do you earn points" for more information.

  • It will be a competitive race to get points, we expect it to be. However, please be respectful of others and maintain a standard level of professionalism. This includes being humble and genuine to attendees, BizTech executives and professionals, especially during the days of the event. Executives will be monitoring all activity at the event and will take note of disrespectful behaviour. Attendees that are deemed too disruptive may be removed from eligibility into the prize draw without warning.

  • Executives will be manually checking form submissions for points and reviewing any discrepancies. Attendees found cheating will be immediately removed from the prize draw. For example, with 3 separate workshop sessions, you should not be submitting 4 workshop forms. Furthermore, when you submit a form for a certain workshop, you should not be also submitting another form for a workshop happening at the same time.

  • The first entry into the prize draw will require 50 points. Thereafter, every 10 points you earn is equivalent to one entry for the draw. In other words, the more points you gain, the higher the chances you have of winning one of our awesome prizes.

Dr. Scibior is a Co-Founder & CTO at Inverted AI, where he teaches self-driving cars to interact with human road users using probabilistic machine learning. Until Jan 2022, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Computer Science Department at the University of British Columbia and before that he did his PhD jointly at the University of Cambridge and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tuebingen, working at the intersection of machine learning and programming language research.

Ujjwal is the Lead and Machine Learning Principal for the Global Healthcare and Life Sciences team at Amazon Web Services. He has been an evangelist for AWS Healthcare AI and his work involves the use of machine learning to solve problems involving medical images, unstructured clinical text, genomics, precision medicine, clinical trials and quality of care improvement to name a few. His work in these areas have been published as papers and blogs, enjoying a wide readership.

Allen is an AI Engineer at Google, working with enterprise customers to apply AI/ML in the Cloud. Allen graduated from UBC BUCS in 2020, did internships in consulting, and was involved with BizTech, SCMP, and TAing.

Based in LA, Shabeer founded SynthesisVR with the hope of disrupting location based VR entertainment. Synthesis is a complete arcade management and game automation software dedicated for Virtual Reality with deep customization and branding.

Active in crypto since 2011, Hudhaifah helped found the UBC Bitcoin Club and Blockchain@UBC. He's gone on to work on blockchain forensics, voting, ticketing, audits and now runs an investment platform that tokenizes car leases, earning investors 16%+ APR.

Hubert Duan is a Senior Data Scientist and Cloud Solution Architect working in Microsoft Canada covering federal public sector customers, helping teams solve business challenges using Azure AI services. He started his career with Microsoft in Redmond, WA in 2014. There he co-patented an anomaly detection solution on Windows Event Logs for Microsoft IT. He then relocated to Canada, and worked as a Technology Solutions Professional and Cloud Solution Architect in Vancouver, BC and now Ottawa, Ontario, helping customers such as TransLink and Shared Services Canada operationalize AI solutions on Azure.

Nico launched Coquitlam-based Trena Digital in June 2019, after his viral myocarditis diagnosis. Driven by his realization of living a life smaller than the one he was capable of living, Nico came out of the hospital ready to change both his own and other people's lives. Nico was celebrated as one of BC's 30 Under 30 in 2021, and has called Ferrari, Maserati and even Dragons’ Den judge Vincent Guzzo as his clients.