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Tech is the future.
Come find out exactly what that means for you.

Blueprint brings together students passionate about technology every year. Our goal is to inspire and educate students on how technology can make lasting contributions to society. You'll leave Blueprint better equipped with the skills required to excel in the tech industry, and gain a deeper understanding of technology itself.


We have 10 amazing workshops lined up for you to choose from! Each workshop will provide a hands-on learning experience hosted by our partners.


This is the chance for you to build connections with our amazing speakers, our BizTech team and the awesome attendees of the event!

Keynote & Panel

Industry leaders will be sharing their unique experience in a Q&A format. This is your opportunity to see the inner workings of Vancouver's tech scene.


Companies will be showcasing how technology is impacting our community. Experience the latest technology in engaging demos.








  • 9:30 - 10:00 AM
  • Igor Faletski
    10:00 - 10:45 AM
    Opening Keynote and Remarks
  • 11:00 - 12:00 PM
    Workshop #1
  • 12:00 - 1:30 PM
    Lunch & Boothing
  • 1:30 - 2:30 PM
    Workshop #2
  • 2:30 - 3:30 PM
  • 3:30 - 4:00 PM
    Closing Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Igor Faletski

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Mobify

As CEO and co-founder, Igor has successfully scaled Mobify from three people working in a downtown Vancouver apartment to the global leader in mobile commerce and engagement solutions for retailers. With a strong background in computer science and software engineering, Igor is a passionate spokesperson for the future of mobile and its positive impact on society. He is frequently quoted in media outlets such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Mashable and VentureBeat.


The Future of VR & AR

Robert Merki, Cognitive3D

In this workshop, Robert Merki will discuss the future of VR/AR in both consumer and enterprise markets, as well as the journey from Sauder graduation to startup success.

Treasury and Banking

Frank Song & Marcin Cichon, Bellin

As one of the largest Treasury Management System providers in the world, BELLIN will introduce you to the world of Treasury and demonstrate how corporate treasurers, CFOs, and multinational banks use FinTech to resolve issues around liquidity, risk, and financial control. Participants will be asked to break-out into smaller groups to solve cases faced by BELLIN’s clients on a daily basis and experience a day-in-life of a corporate treasurer with and without FinTech.

How to be a Tech Consultant

Paula Brunton & Ellen Ashdown, Traction on Demand

Consulting skills are in high demand in the tech industry, but there is not enough supply. Traction on Demand's Consulting history runs deep and the company wins awards for culture, growth, profitability, and management. Join us for 60 minutes while we explore how you can be a better Consultant by giving you some practical Consulting skills you can take away with you.

The Future of Voice Search

Chris Kowalewski, RED Academy

With 600 million global users now estimated to be using voice assistants on a weekly basis, businesses need to adapt before they fall behind in a voice-first marketplace. This workshop will provide best practices based on what we know today about how voice assistants interact with search engines and what the future might hold for paid voice advertising.

The World of Tech Consulting

Colleen Qiu, Sasha Smirnov & Daniel Draper, Accenture

Technology consulting is a growing industry, bringing to life new technologies such as AI and robotics to clients around the world. As part of their workshop, Accenture will discuss career opportunities in technology consulting, new developments in the industry and the types of work they do for their clients. After a keynote, they will host a live Q&A panel where you’ll be able to take a deeper dive into their experiences in the industry.

Blockchain and Bitcoin

Joe Thomas, UBC Blockchain Club

Though the hype has subdued, for now, there is a positive trend of valuable startups using Bitcoin and public blockchains for more than commerce. Join the UBC Blockchain Club for a paradigm-shifting technical talk on utilizing Bitcoin (BTC and BCH) not as a trader but as an entrepreneur of the new web.

Automation and the Future of Service Work

Joshua Berkowitz, Bench Accounting

Bookkeeping is a universal point of pain for entrepreneurs everywhere. Bench solves this problem by offering top-notch bookkeeping at a market-leading price.  We combine cutting-edge automation technology with an in-house team of bookkeepers to serve clients 5x more efficiently than competitors. Learn about our product development process and gain insight into a company on the cutting edge of the automation revolution.

Fintech: Changing Finance Management

Stephen Menon, Finn AI

Finn AI is an award-winning AI-powered virtual assistant built for personal banking and finance. Learn about the changing landscape of the FinTech and banking industry and how Finn AI is tackling the issue of financial literacy through conversational AI technology. Discover the future of banking for your generation and the change you can make today.

Moving Forward in Digital Marketing

Swish Goswami, Trufan

Join Swish Goswami for a talk about customer loyalty and how brands can activate the upper crust of their audience through tools like Dovetale, Superphone and Trufan. Swish will also touch on reaching international audiences on platforms like LinkedIn that are in the midst of a revival – especially amongst millennials and Get Z. Following the keynote, Swish will take questions from the audience!

Staying Relevant in a Technological World

Felipe Pena & Mitchell Ganton, Two Tall Totems

One of the major challenges for everyone in the next decade, will be to embrace technology, become distinctive from robots, and proof ourselves against rapid change. Understanding technological adjustments is also critical to start new businesses and solve common problem in our daily lives. Join us for this immersive workshop about staying relevant at the speed of tech!


Njeri Watkins

Digital Intelligence Consultant, UBC Sauder

Will Lawrence

Incoming Product Manager, Facebook

Richel Tong

AR/VR Designer, Finger Food Studios

Sonali Giovino

CEO, Service Angels Global

Join us for an exciting panel discussion hosted by League of Innovators and moderated by Njeri Watkins - a Digital Intelligence Consultant and Instructor at the UBC Sauder School of Business. The three speakers will discuss their differing backgrounds in tech, how they got to where they are now, and where they think the future of tech is headed. It will explore how new developments in technology are affecting marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, communication, and education.




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